How to fix unresponsive console of Cisco router?

There are several building blocks that help in the formation of business and its network. One such important block is the router which helps in providing traffic with a gateway to the internet as well as other networks. It helps in making flexible cross-network communication possible and permits large networks to stay operational at the time of redesign and data loss.

Besides being useful, it does have some technical issues which cannot be understood at the first go itself. The user gets puzzled while facing such issues as it cannot be detected easily. One such issue is console is not responsive.

Console issues arise when the router doesn’t respond to input at the console port. If the console is not responding, it signifies that a high priority process halts the console driver from being responsive to input.

       What can be the issues?

  1. Check cable connections.
  2. Ensure that power supply is on.
  3. Check the LED status. If all LEDs are down, then it might be an issue with the power supply of the router.

     If still traffic flows via the router:

  1. Detach network interfaces and check if it is responding. Sometimes the router presumes it is doing something really important to service exec sessions.
  2. The user can also try to reproduce the issue after getting the below commands:
  3. The scheduler allocates: It guarantees CPU time for least priority processes. It invests maximum time allocated to fast switching and process switching per network intruding context.
  4. Scheduler interval: It permits low priority processes to be scheduled in every 500 sec, and let some commands to be typed even if CPU usage is at 100%.
  5. It is highly important to locate and correct the cause of High CPU utilization, if the console does not respond because of router CPU utilization is high.
  6. Another issue can be memory allocation failure which is either because the router has used all memory or the memory has been disintegrated into small pieces which it is unable to find the usable block.
  7. It can also stop responding due to security issues such as virus and worm. It occurs if the user has not upgraded such router IOS and made changes to the network.

Cisco Router Support Number Australia (Video2)(slideshare)

If traffic does not flow through the router:

If the console is not responding and the traffic doesn’t pass through the router, then there might be an issue with the system. It means it is caught in an uninterrupted loop or stuck at the function.

The reason behind this issue is generally by a bug in the software. It is advised to install the updated maintenance release of the Cisco IOS software.

For more recovery options contact Cisco Support Australia 

The router is an essential requirement today. But there can be any issue with this essential component. And we are there to help you with such issues. Reach us by calling at our Cisco support number 1-800-954-282 and discuss your router problems. We are available 24/7 at our toll-free number 1-800-954-282 as well.

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