With USB key upgrade a Cisco router

The Cisco IOS has its own set of commands to operate and manage files like Windows or Linux Operating systems. This is similar to DOS/Windows commands. These files are actually your router operating system, configuring files or other IOS file. So, knowledge of these commands is actually important.

It is the operating system utilized in many Cisco enterprises. Most of the routers have USB slots, which can be used for enhancing the equipment without using TFTP connection. With FAT file system you are suggested to format the USB flash drive you are going to use plus it should have enough space for hosting the IOS file as well as the backup you are going to make.

Steps for upgrading the Cisco router:

a. From your Cisco account download the latest IOS image created for your equipment.

b. On your computer system, insert the USB drive and copy the file to root the USB drive.

c. Now, insert the USB on your Cisco equipment. In case, if the device has more than one port, then keep in mind that the first slot is known as ‘usbflash0’ and the second is ‘usbflash1’.

d. Now link your laptop to equipment through the admin port and enter your credentials.

e. For making a backup copy of your present IOS type ‘copy Flash usbflash1: Name-of-your-backup-IOS’.

f. For upgrading to the latest and last IOS type ‘copy usbflash1:name-of-the-new-IOS flash’.

g. You will be asked to overwrite the current IOS, enter ‘yes’.

h. Now enter ‘reload’ for switching from the previous version to the new one.

With the help of the steps explained above, you can enhance your Cisco to the last version. In case if you are facing any difficulty while performing the steps, then look for the technical support team to fix the issue.

Contact Cisco Support Australia for further assistance and guidance at 1-800-954-282

Cisco technical support number 1-800-954-282 id here to help you if you want any help or assistance any trouble you are dealing with the equipment. You can also reach the team via live chat where the professionals are available at your service for 24/7.

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