Common problems and their solution of Cisco routers

Cisco is well known name in networking hardware. Its router provides best data speed plus less traffic problems. The quickest and easiest hack for most issues concerning routers is to powercycle the device. For doing this, turn off the router, and unplug the power card. Than wait for 10 minutes before you plug it back. If your problem still persists than you may proceed to the workarounds for the issues listed below.

 If you need any help from expert technicians please contact Cisco help support @ 1-800-954-282. It is a 24*7 helpline. You can contact any time and make your problem theirs.

  • Dropping/ Intermittent wireless connectivity
  • Slow downloads
  • Slow upload
  • Forgot the wireless settings of router
  • Unable to access the router’s web-based setup page

Dropping / Intermittent wireless connectivity

The main four factor responsible for Dropping or Intermittent are;-

  1. Maximum Transmission unit size.
  2. Frequency interference from other wireless devices.
  3. Low signal quality received from wireless router.
  4. Outdated router firmware.

Quick ways to setup above mentioned problems respectivily.

  1. Adjusting the Maximum Transmission Unit Size.
  2. Reducing wireless interference.
  3. Customizing the wireless setting of the router.
  4. Updating the firmware of the router.

Slow downloads

A slower-than-normal download may be due to the IPv6 feature on your computer. Disabling it can fastens  your download.

Slow uploads

If your experience the slow down in your upload speed, it may be need to set your router’s Quality of Service(QoS). It controls the priority of your network traffic, by ensuring that the data you consider most important gets through faster.

Forgot the wireless settings of the router

To connect the wireless network, you must know its wireless settings. This settings refers to SSID of the network and Wireless password/passphrase.

Unable to access the router’s web based setup page

Router’s web based setup page can be accessed using a wired or wireless computer. To do this, enter the router’s default IP address “” in your browser’s address bar.

Above mentioned problems and solutions are best hacks for these common problems. If you still need any help of expert technicians than contact Cisco support and get your problem resolved.

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Hi, I am Layla Kirk and I live in Australia and I have done my graduation from Australian National University. Currently I am working in Cisco as a Technical Support Manager.
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