How to install new flash memory card on Cisco 4000 Series Integrated service routers?

Because of the briskly increasing reliability of the humans on the internet, it is essential to have a fast and secure internet connection for that we need routers. A router is a device that connects to your internet service provider (ISP) and your device.

With the coming of wireless router, we can connect many devices with it and we don’t need to pay an extra subscription charge for accessing the internet with from various devices. For access the internet you need an IP address which you get form your ISP. The router provides local IP to your device and doesn’t reveal your device IP on the internet which gives you an extra shield of protection.

Cisco is one of the oldest and trustworthy routers manufacturing brand that sells its routers internationally.  If you are using Cisco 4000 Series ISR and wants to install a new flash memory card that this article is surely for you. Just go through all the below strides or you can visit Cisco support for any kind of its routers related query.

  • Make sure you read all the safety warnings and disconnected the power supply before performing any component replacement.
  • Remove the chassis cover.
  • Put the flash memory card on the top of the flash memory card connector.
  • Tight all the screw to make sure that flash memory card keeps in place.
  • Power on the router.
  • Boot the router from the Cisco image that is available in the external USB flash memory card.
  • Copy the Cisco image that you want from an external USB card to the bootflash with the help of usb0: imagename bootflash command.
  • When the copying is done, execute the dir bootflash: to ensure that the image is copied. This command can also be used to verify the size of installed flash memory.
  • Reload router and Reboot it from the new flash memory.
  • After the booting is complete, execute the show version command to ensure that the image is booted.

Although the strides are customized according to your requirement but if you find any hindrance in above steps you can call on Cisco technical support number 1-800-954-282, a team of expert will assist to sort out you query.

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Hi, I am Layla Kirk and I live in Australia and I have done my graduation from Australian National University. Currently I am working in Cisco as a Technical Support Manager.
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